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Jak and JIL

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Jak and JIL Empty Jak and JIL

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Jak and JIL Jak_120_px_by_rootofitall-d8lm5sl

Alias: Jak and JIL
Name: Jack Reed
Age: 53
Color: Purple

Jack was, at the highest point of his life, awarded conservative energy researcher and engineer, trying to find a more efficient source of energy to power the world. And though it took him 32 years, he finally found it in the form of controlled thermonuclear fusion. Convinced that he had made a discovery that could change everything, Jack took his results to the rest of the scientific community, where, much to his dismay, the new source of energy was rejected and banned due to its unstable and dangerous properties. The fame and fortune that Jack had been working to achieve for decades was suddenly ripped from his hands, leaving him with an illegal result and a reputation ruined by the greed of trying to monetize it. But, he decided as he picked up the one fusion prototype that had been saved from confiscation, there would be another way to achieve those things. Using the prototype as an energy source, he designed and constructed an experimental staff that he hoped would lead to his victory on the battle field. Jak left his life of safety in the field of research and design to fight his way to glory and wealth in PBA.

- Jak an absolute genius, with both technical intelligence and quick thinking. His high IQ also allows him to control himself and prevent carelessness.
- He wields a high-tech jo staff of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (referred to as JIL). The staff has the capabilities of mechanically transforming into many weapons and tools, within reason. This versatility means that he has all kinds of surprises up his sleeve.
- Cutting edge neurological technology allows him to mentally communicate with JIL. This allows him to transform the staff or magnetically summon it, among other things, with his mind.
- His artificial neurological upgrades also improve his reflexes and allow him to wield the weapons JIL becomes far more skillfully than he ever could on his own.

- Is able to outsmart opponents who are mentally inferior.
- Both his mind and weapon are better equipped to fight realistic warriors than elemental or magical ones.

- Jak is certainly in no way a warrior, and is completely out of shape. He is neither fast, nor strong, and even though his genius is always able to work out a plan, he is often unable to physically carry it out.
- Jak’s staff is very much a prototype, making it both unreliable and susceptible to being broken or jammed.
- He has an utter lack of courage, and will usually (try) to run as soon as a battle stops going his way.

Newest (demonstrates level of animation skill)
Old (demonstrates ability)

Battles: None

Availability: nope

New Stick
New Stick

Status :

จำนวนข้อความ : 3
คำขอบคุณ : 1
Join date : 18/04/2015
Level :
Jak and JIL Left_bar_bleue0 / 100 / 10Jak and JIL Right_bar_bleue

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Jak and JIL Empty Re: Jak and JIL

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Hello Root. Welcome to TSM.
Beginner Fighter
Beginner Fighter

Status :

จำนวนข้อความ : 109
คำขอบคุณ : 12
Join date : 16/09/2011
Level :
Jak and JIL Left_bar_bleue6 / 106 / 10Jak and JIL Right_bar_bleue

ABG Character Profile
ABG Name: Naberius
Jak and JIL Left_bar_bleue623/2000Jak and JIL Empty_bar_bleue  (623/2000)

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