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Right now, Thaistickman website haven't been used like before, that's why there's no movement in this site. But Thistickman community is still alive in Facebook group and Youtube.

Please, follow it until farther notice.

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Five Nights At Freddy's Night Watch Survival Collab

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Five Nights At Freddy's Night Watch Survival Collab Empty Five Nights At Freddy's Night Watch Survival Collab

ตั้งหัวข้อ by TJ Animations on Tue 3 Feb 2015 - 7:13

][b]Five Nights At Freddy's Night Watch Survival Collab

Grab your flashlight, And your camera tablet, Cause it's time for a new collab, FNAF Night Watch Survival Collab, The rules are simple, You will be animating your character being a night watcher in freddy fazbear's pizza, Surviving the animatronics trying to get in to your office and kill you, Then you will choose your fate, Survive or die, Or make your part end without choosing your character's fate

-Your part must be set in freddy fazbear's pizza (Old or new one)
-Your part can be how long as you want
-Stickfigures are welcomed
-V-cam. Blood/gore. Cinematics. & Angles are perfered (Not requiered. But pefered)
-Any animating program and any animating style, We are warmly welcomed (Yes. Including stickfigures)
-You must animate your character as a night guard (Not someone's character)
-No FNAF OCs (However, Your Human/Animal/Stickfigure OC is allowed, But no five nights at freddy's OCs, Only the ones from FNAF or FNAF 2)
-Joint Is Allowed
-You are allowed to animate mike scmidt. Jeremy fitzgerald. Fritz smith. Or any security guards from FNAF 1/2
-Voice Acting is allowed
-Any programs and any animation style is allowed
-You must add SFX (If you cant add it, I'll add it for you)
-Dimnesions: However you want
-Beginners. Intermediates. Pros. Experienced, We welcome all the skill levels
-Music is allowed. You dont have to put music in your entry if you want
-At the beginning of your part, Make your watermark appear somewhere and make the watermark stay for 3 seconds, After 3 seconds, Make your watermark disappear somehow (Just like kiruru's FNAF animation)
-The new animatronic from FNAF 3 is ok
-At the end of your part, Your character must be choosing your fate, Survive the night, Or die, Or you can make the part instantly fade out without choosing your character's fate
-After your part has ended, It must include a static and it must stay for 5 seconds
-When you are done with your part, PM me the download link to your AVI/MP4/SWF

June 25th 2015

Flash 8 Template

What are you waiting for? Start animating your part, Remember! Don't let the animatronics kill you

If you have any questions or there's something missing. Reply below

None yet. Ask away
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TJ Animations
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